Event Timetable


Setting Up

Access to the building from      8:00am Open to the public from            9.00am

                    Packing up

Packing up from                       6:00pm 

New Event Information

Thank you for joining The Crafters Roadshow for another great event in Thistles Stirling. 
We look forward to hearing all your thoughts and ideas of how we can make this venue even better.
On the day of your event you will be supplied a 6ft Showcase Station and seating. 

Please bring something to cover your display at the end of the day. Most Makers leave their stand set up over night and we've never had anything go missing during the night but please note this is completely at your own risk. 
Some people will be leaving each night.
Your name will be on your table awaiting your arrival.

Access to The Thistles
Green Service Area Access
{Please Read}


Access to unload and load will now be through the service area mapped below. This will take out all the stress of getting in and out of The Thistles Stirling as we have greater access times to the service area. 

If you have any problems please give us a call


The Thistles

Goosecroft Rd
Point of Contact on the day




​Event Timetable

Setting Up

Service access to the building 7:30am 
Open to the public from 9.00am
Packing up
Shops close at 5:30pm
Please come early to avoid stress 
Setting Up

Service access to the building from 
Open to the public from 9:00am
Packing Up
Shops close at 6:00pm 
Setting Up

Service access to the building from 9:00am 
Open to the public from 10:00am
Packing Up
Shops close at 5:00pm

Please note the green dot next to the roundabout below is the green service area you will use.
Please see below what the entrance to the green service yard looks like from the road as you come off the roundabout.
Please see below the green gates to the service area. Try to park under the canopy that the van is pictured in under the red arrow, this gets you closer to the lift and helps if it's raining :)
Please see below coming from roundabout you will see the service yard on your right follow the green line and park to the far side of the service yard as close to the blue line as you can and you will follow this along a metal fence to a green lift marked as a red dot below. Enter lift and press level 1, as you exit lift on to level 1 turn left and you will see on your right 2 brown doors, enter this which will take you on to the Mall :)
Please see below mall map with entrance point to the mall from the service lift marked by 
red arrow which takes you to HMV site.

Enter lift from service area and press level 1, as you exit lift on to level 1 turn left and you will see on your right 2 brown doors, enter here which will take you on to the Mall then follow the red line above to the area we will use outside HMV.
Entrance from Service Yard
1, We supply a 6ft Showcase Station which has no table cover please ensure that you do not cover the front of this with your own table cover. You can use your table cover as a topper if you wish. All fronts should not be covered as requested by Centre Management.
2, Please ensure that no eating or drinking is done behind you stand as requested my Centre Management this must be done away from your table.
3, Please make sure you are set up with all trolleys, boxes or hazards cleared away for the public opening times which can be seen above. We also cannot have hazards on the floor before the public leave the Centre at the end of the day, this is a Health and Safety Issue.
If for an emergency you have to leave early please call us and we will arrange and escort.

1, The Crafters who continuously do well are the ones who have spent a little time thinking about their presentation, remember we are in a high quality retail environment and the public expect a certain level of sharpness.
2, It's not all about what you earn on the day use this opportunity to hand out business cards and gain new excited customers who have never seen your product before. The leaders in Craft all do this gaining them returning customers and sales out within going to events.
3, The biggest of them all that everyone doesn't like to do is COLLECT EMAILS Yes! I know you hate it but you must start now building a mailing list to send out information about you and your company to your excited new customers who want to know more!!! You don't need to send them out all the time just as little as once a month. Tell them about new products your working on (not selling) Tell them your next event or how about a genuine special offer.

Run a raffle of something really good that you create and have a draw once a month from March-December (normal Craft event trading times) thats just 10 items. It has to be your highest valued items ( you have to make it worth it to ask for their email, a genuine offer) now we know this won't cost you a lot but
think what you will gain, NEW customers all year long who are interested in you and your product. The best Crafters collect around 10 emails per day, could you collect more? Please try this and tell me about how much it's woking for you, everyone does once the give it a go.

Look up www.mailchimp.com it's one of the best FREE email marketing service provider and the one we use. OK we now pay for it because our database is so large now but it's well worth the money.